Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Not So Funny Meow, Is It?

This is a real thing.

It's called the Kitty Cradle, and it's advertised as a space-saving alternative to traditional cat furniture.

My brain is short-circuiting from all the things I want to say about this, so forgive me for the rapid-fire delivery.
  • When I first saw this I thought I was looking at a dirty diaper that desperately needed changing. Then I realized it was a cat in a sling and I thought, same difference.
  • You honestly think you're gonna train a cat to sit in that thing? YOU CAN'T TRAIN A CAT because they are capable of exactly three things: peeing everywhere, getting hair on everything, and being terrible.
  • This picture must be photoshopped, because if it were real, that chair would be ripped to shreds and probably covered in human blood.
  • I take that back. I figured out how they did it. That cat must not have any legs. That's kind of cheating, but whatever.

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