Thursday, February 7, 2013



So after nearly two months of radio silence and amidst swirling rumors that I'd been shipped off to a mental asylum, I posted the most random and poorly edited picture of all time with little to no explanation as to its origin and expected people not to take it as confirmation that I had gone completely insane.

If you didn't understand are probably a normal person. It's not you, it's me. Sometimes I'm just like, "This is funny! I don't need to explain it! Everyone knows what it means when you put a human head on a dinosaur!!! IT'S PURE COMEDIC GENIUS!"

So maybe it's time to offer up a little backstory. #TBT is an Instagram hashtag that stands for Throwback Thursday - most commonly used when posting an adorable baby picture of yourself. Which you should know I strongly support.

Yesterday at lunch, Sarah and I started talking about what else #tbt might stand for.

Some of our most notable suggestions:
Tinkle Blanket Thursday
Tricky Beggar Thursday
Tiny Butt Thursday
Tuberculosis Thursday (credit: Samantha Kelly)

And that is the story of how the weirdest post of all time was conceived. So now that you have a little context, I hope you'll take another shot at enjoying this picture and stop worrying about the state of my mental health.

Tyrannosaurus-Becks Thursday

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