Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Texas, Baby!

I went home this weekend for my Texas baby shower and it was fantastic. I took some blurry cell phone pictures so I could show you what it would have looked like if you'd been there with foggy goggles on.
My mom and Theresa made this bouquet out of hair bows and socks. HAIR BOWS AND SOCKS! THAT I GET TO PUT ON A BABY SOON!
My dad caught Gary standing here by himself playing with one of the feet on these onesies...and then I died because my husband is the cutest thing that ever existed. 
This diaper cake came very close to having a different topper because my soon-to-be brother in law thought it would be funny to switch out the duck for this weird dog toy that looks like a severed bunny head. That's my family for ya.
Gary and I were totally overwhelmed by all the awesome gifts we got.

Also overwhelming: that game where you crush up and microwave candy bars in diapers and then make people guess what they are. Mbahaha.

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