Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Happy Wednesday!


Last night I ate the best thing I've ever eaten in my life.

My friend Sam is the best cook I've ever met in real life. Or in my dreams. Every once in a while I trick her into feeding me by telling her that my growing baby isn't getting enough nutrients from all the chicken nuggets and frozen pizza we eat at my house.

Ever since I got pregnant, my appetite has kind of disappeared (as a point of reference, I usually eat one piece of frozen pizza and I'm done) but last night I went back for seconds...and thirds. And then I kept sneaking back into the kitchen to grab more with my hands because I have no shame.

So as a special treat, I brought you the recipe because I want you to have nice things. But before I give you the link, I have one very important piece of advice: BACON. For some reason the lady who wrote this recipe left it out. Maybe she thought butter, half and half and two kinds of cheese were artery-clogging enough, but she was wrong. THEY ARE NOT ARTERY-CLOGGING ENOUGH.

Sam chopped up and cooked 9 pieces of bacon and added it to the cheese sauce at the same time that she added the peppers. (Then she cooked some veggies in the bacon grease to have on the side and I died of happiness.)

Okay so are we all on the same page here? The one where there's bacon? Good, then I think you're ready.

Click here for happiness and heart disease.

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