Thursday, August 1, 2013

Okay But Honestly.

JUST when I thought I had nothing interesting to blog about today, Colorado Springs managed to out-weird itself, providing me with a nice little nugget of content.

Okay first of all, during my leave of absence from blogging something significant happened: the Springs got a LITTLE bit cool. Sure, we still have a huge meth problem and have recently been named the second worst dressed city in America, but who cares? WE HAVE FOOD TRUCKS!
photo cred: The Gazette
It's actually awesome. There was this abandoned gas station right in the middle of downtown that was a total eye sore, so they turned it into a "food truck pod" where a whole bunch of different trucks rent space and there are little pallet tables and chairs where people can sit and eat. (Click here and here for more info.)

SO today when I had a craving for pulled pork*, we headed over to The Chuckwagon where I paid FIVE DOLLARS for all of this:
There was actually even more food than that but I started stuffing my face before I thought to take a picture of it.

Okay and I also have to tell you about this Gourmet S'more I got from The Heavenly Dessert changed my life. Don't let the terrible fluorescent lighting distract you from the fact that they torched this little baby just for me:
Homaga. Marshmallow crème...chocolate ganache...I could have eaten like five of them. I wonder if they'll still be open when I get off work...

Sorry, what was I talking about? OH MY GOSH RIGHT! THE WEIRDEST THING EVER.

So when we rolled up to the food trucks, this was happening:

The person in the background telling me I'm a bad person is Sarah, my loving and supportive sister. 

Along with a little of this:

And a dash of this:

Okay, I appreciate art as much as the next guy, but...COME ON. It was just awkward. There was no music (unless you count the snappy jazz coming from the Creole Kitchen truck) and I couldn't even openly laugh because a group of their parents and grandparents were sitting there watching them. So I did what any responsible blogger would do: discreetly videotape these poor, unsuspecting strangers like the creep that I am. FOR THE GOOD OF THE INTERNET!

I did a little research and found out this is a legit thing and not just four girls being weird in public like I originally thought. It's called Sidewalk Stage, and it's a series of scheduled street performances happening downtown during the summer. Some of it actually looks like it might be cool, like the stilt walkers or tribal belly dancers. Where were those guys on my lunch break today? I feel a little bit like I got jipped.

Click here to read the article about it in the Gazette (in which they very respectfully do not mock the performers like I just did).

*I KNOW! MEAT! This is very exciting for me after months of being an involuntary vegetarian.

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Umm, that was awful. And awkward.