Monday, August 12, 2013

Cold As Ice

After four years without air conditioning of any kind, we finally broke down and got a window unit this year. I think this is mostly because Gary suspected that I might be especially prone to pregnancy rage* if I were made to be more than reasonably uncomfortable for an extended period of time.

I gotta tell ya, it is the best decision we ever made. I can't believe we didn't do it sooner. I mean just LOOK AT THESE RESULTS!

That's right! Sixty three degrees! In August! IN MY HOUSE! I'm in pregnant lady heaven!

Gary on the other hand...well let's just say heaven probably wouldn't be the word he'd use to describe it.

Early this morning, after shooting out of bed and running around the room to turn off the a/c (as well as the two fans we had going) he burrowed back under the covers and let out a muffled cry of, "ADAM KRONEBERGER TOLD ME THIS WOULD HAPPEN."

Poor guy. Even after receiving ample warning from a friend of ours who recently became a father, he seems to have been utterly unprepared for our new climate.

*And/or pregnancy homicide...that's a thing, right?

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