Monday, August 19, 2013


This new place opened up in the Springs recently called Ivywild. It's an elementary school that closed down and has now been converted into a "mixed use commercial center" including two separate bars, a restaurant and a bakery. (Click here to read all about it.)

Gary and I attended their grand opening event Saturday night with some friends, and it was...interesting.

It is definitely a cool concept - a bunch of different businesses operating under the same roof, saving the building from being torn down - that's not the problem.

The problem is it seems to be the object of a bit of a demographic turf war, with no one group making any significant headway as of yet.

There were a good number of normal looking* people our age there, which came as no surprise since the place has generated a good deal of buzz amongst the late-twentysomething crowd over the past few weeks.

But as it turns out, we weren't the only ones who showed up expecting to find our new favorite hangout spot.

If we really want to make it ours, it looks like we're gonna have to throw down with the hipsters, the granola crunchers, the skeezy club girls ('cause hey - there are two bars after all), the token douchebag guys ('cause hey - there are skeezy club girls after all), the forty-to-sixtysomething contingent, as well as the alarming number of CHILDREN running around everywhere.

To top it all off, they were having an 80's dance party as part of the grand opening, so there were also a handful of tacky prom dresses and Don Johnson look-alikes thrown into the mix.


*T-shirts and flip flops equal normal looking, in case you were wondering.

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