Thursday, August 22, 2013

Nerd Alert

This post is sure to put to rest any doubts you may have had as to whether or not I am a ha-YUGE nerd.

So I play Candy Crush Saga.

A lot.

But just on my phone! (So I don't have to send you ten billion requests to get to the next level on Facebook. You're alllllllllll welcome.)

Anyway, sometimes I get stuck...usually on the Mystery Quests. (When you play on your phone without being connected to Facebook, instead of sending your friends requests to help you get to the next level, you have to complete three Mystery Quests - which are just old levels you've already beaten but with a new and impossibly high target score.)

So I've been stuck on this one for like a week...when I noticed something.

The original target score was 75,000...or so I thought.
Then one day it said 71,250 and I was I on crack? Has Candy Crush finally driven me insane? So I took a screenshot.
Then a little while later it said this:
It means that Candy Crush Saga is throwing me a bone for being so lame.
Anyway, I actually have something useful to share. (Well...useful if you're a big dork like me.)
If you want to play Candy Crush but you don't want to annoy the $%&# out of all your FB friends, here's what you do:
Play on your phone but do not connect to Facebook.
You still only get five lives at a time, BUT THERE IS A WAY AROUND IT!
When it tells you you're out of lives, go to Settings à General à Date & Time. Turn Set Automatically to Off.
Then, go to Set Date & Time and change the date to tomorrow's date.
Go back to Candy Crush and get to this screen to make sure your lives are full again…
Then go back to Settings, turn Set Automatically back on and you're good to go!

Now you can go back to Candy Crush and it will not take your lives away...which means the only thing that can stop you now is a dead battery!!!
...not that I would know.
Because I definitely do NOT play this game until my battery dies every single day.
That would be pathetic.
...I understand if you guys don't want to hang out with me anymore.

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