Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Two Things

1. I just found out about this website called Scoutfit and it seems awesome. You install a button on your browser (much like the Pin It button for Pinterest) and choose an item when you're shopping online, and Scoutfit will track it and let you know when it goes on sale. I haven't used it much yet but I thought I'd tell you what I knew.

2. You can now shop online for H&M Home. This is a big deal for me since unlike some other websites I like to drool over occasionally (ahem, Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, and practically every other store that is not Target) they actually carry things I can afford.

Hey, maybe you could use Scoutfit to track something on H&M Home...INCEPTION!!!

Note: I am not being paid to advertise for either of these companies. I'm just a regular old cheapskate who likes a good deal.

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