Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I Get to Put This Under the Tray!

Okay so remember about a month ago when I told y'all about that website Scoutfit where you can track items you want and it'll tell you when they go on sale?

Well now I have one more reason to love them. A few weeks ago I got an email from them saying that if I would participate in a short conference call to improve the site, they would send me a $50 gift card to the retailer of my choice.*

Part of me was like, "Psh, yeah right. Scam."

But then this other part of me was like, "I need a dress for my cousin's wedding and I have no money to pay for it."

So at the risk of getting an email virus and spamming all my Gmail contacts, I responded that I would love to get a $50 gift card help them improve their site for completely selfless reasons.

I called in for the conference call and answered a few questions about how I shop online and how I use Scoutfit. Even after hearing that there were real people on the other end of the conference call, I still had my doubts as to whether or not I'd ever actually get the gift card, but I figured since the call only took up 30 minutes of my life, it wasn't that big of a deal.

So you can imagine my elation when THIS came in the mail yesterday!

The moral of this story is that you should do everything I say because it might just get you fifty free dollars.

*Which had nothing to do with my mentioning them on the blog - it was just because I was a member on the site. This blog WISHES it got endorsement deals.

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