Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I'm One of THOSE Moms

I'm going to start this post out by saying that I am not crazy.

But there is at least one person at The Classical Academy (a charter school here in Colorado Springs) who was recently convinced otherwise.

The following is a real email that a real person really had to send me (as well as what she was thinking as she wrote it in red).
Dear 2019 Kinder waitlist parents, I'm just being nice here. There's only one of you and your name is Emily Gray. 
It’s come to my attention that you have waitlisted your child for TCA, but unless you meant to put 2012 (and not 2013) as the birth year, he or she is not yet born. I can't believe I'm actually having to explain this to you.  
I have to decline any entry that comes in before a child’s actual birthdate. Because who signs their kid up for preschool before they're even born? CRAZY PEOPLE WHO HAVE NOTHING BETTER TO DO THAN BE A PAIN IN MY ASS, THAT'S WHO. 
I love how pro-active you are being, (NO I DON'T) but kids have to be “external” before they can be listed. You moron. J Intentionally condescending emoticon.

Here’s the link for you to use after your baby’s arrival! Don't even bother clicking this; your kid is never getting into our school.
Blessings on your last few months of counting down! You better hope your baby is pretty, 'cause she's probably going to be stupid. 
Okay, I can explain. I keep hearing how hard it is to get kids into a decent school in this town, so pretty much as soon as I found out what gender I was having I went ahead and filled out an application using my due date as the date of birth.

So I guess if that makes me a crazy person, well...there you have it.

Whatever. If Carolina ends up in public school maybe she can make a little money using the skills she learns in meth lab. I mean chem lab.

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Anonymous said...

The last line is great!!!! made me LOL!