Friday, February 14, 2014

Hang Out

Several months ago, I saw this tutorial for hanging planters. I've never successfully kept a plant alive for more than a couple weeks (with the exception of Gwyneth Plantrow, may she rest in peace, who thrived for nearly 5 months before her untimely death) but I thought maybe if they were super cute I'd be motivated to water them.

The thing about plants is that they don't scratch at your bed or scream at the top of their lungs when they're thirsty, and so it goes that even though I went with succulents, which I sort of thought were impossible to kill, I ended up with three very nice looking hanging dirt planters in my living room.

They can be seen in the top left of this picture of Carolina being hilarious and adorable.

They probably would have stayed like that forever if my mom hadn't come up with such a GENIUS solution: FAKE PLANTS!

I didn't even bother taking the dead ones out. Seriously. I shouldn't be allowed to have plants.

So there they are! Safe, happy, and totally self-sufficient. And no one has to know they're not real! Well except for the whole internet I guess, but whatever.

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