Wednesday, January 22, 2014

We'll Be Counting Stars

I've been suffering from a little bit of cabin fever while on maternity leave.

Okay it's more than a little bit. It's like to the point that I frequently get the urge to run around the block screaming just so I can go outside. And y'all know I don't run.

Anyway, I've been looking for some cheap projects to work on in between feedings and I found this himmeli wreath tutorial over at Vintage Revivals. It was posted on my birthday so I'm pretty sure we were made for each other.

It's made out of cocktail straws, floral wire and some oil-rubbed bronze spray paint I had out in the garage.

Because that's what I can afford to decorate with. 

I've been looking for something to put up in the big empty space over the computer for a while so I feel pretty proud of myself for doing it so cheaply.

I'm going to cry when we move out of this house. I love our living room. 

In other news, here's Gary's favorite thing to do with Carolina when she falls asleep on him. 

If you're wondering what's all over his fingers, it's the oil-rubbed bronze spray paint we used on the wreath because he does all my dirty work.

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