Friday, January 30, 2009

...yet again

And here's Gary's list:

1. I hope to name my first born son Zeke, after my Grandpa Zeke, who is a mountain of a man.

2. I fall asleep during scary movies.

3. I am an expert at driving in reverse.

4. I never cry, but sometimes my eyeballs sweat.

5. I fly helicopters, which makes me a badass.

6. Ever since I got married I am much more aware of my hips.

7. I know a lot of random stuff, like the reason why your hand has been going numb lately.

8. I once thought I was being attacked by a bear, and instead of cowering in fear or running away, I bowed up like I was gonna punch him in the snout.

9. I passionately love the Lord and my wife, in that order.

10. I can’t cross my eyes.

11. Hands down, my mom’s lasagna is my favorite food.

12. I have my first haircut on tape.

13. I throw up a lot.

14. Running three miles uphill in January in Colorado makes me want to die.

15. I make a really believable black man.

16. The sight of Jake Glover and/or Justin Sandefur has been known to make me squeal like a four year old girl.

17. I smoke a pipe.

18. I like to refer to the Twilight series as “vampire smut.” My wife doesn’t think this is funny.

19. I slid down the waterslide at Frontier Ranch naked and covered in olive oil.

20. I like fruit. I like beer. I do not like fruit in my beer.

21. I’d always rather call someone than text them.

22. When I sign my first and last name I just write the same thing twice.

23. I love George Thorogood.

24. I deep fried a turkey last Thanksgiving and did not set myself on fire.

25. My wife wrote this list because I’m a bit of a stubborn ass and argued that “There are not twenty five things about me.”

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turtle said...

hahahaha, love it.