Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Friends Don't Let Friends Play Tetris After Half a Beer

Gary and I have been playing a lot of Tetris lately on the N64. And when I say we've been playing a lot, I mean that's pretty much all we do now. (In case you were wondering, I win 9 times out of 10. And that 10th time is only because my contacts eventually dry up from a lack of blinking, making it impossible to see the TV screen.)

So last night I was beating him soundly as usual when we decided to break for dinner. We had beer in the fridge, which is rare, and I'd had a tough day, which isn't really all that true considering I have the least stressful job on earth...but nevertheless, we decided to indulge in a beer* a piece. We ate quickly without speaking (presumably because we were too busy working on our strategies for the next deathmatch friendly game of Tetris) and then it was back to business.

We didn't get far into our game before I noticed something was off. I was still winning, but not to the degree to which I've become accustomed over the past few days. We'd been playing for a full three minutes and Gary hadn't even broken a sweat, much less been reduced to tears. Yes, something was definitely wrong. Suddenly, I became aware of the cold bottle resting between my leg and the arm of the couch and everything made sense. DAMN YOU, WOODCHUCK! YOU'RE RUINING MY STATISTICS!

Just when I thought I might be able to catch up to my dad's high score (don't let the name AAAAAAA? trick you into thinking he wouldn't destroy you just because he was too lazy to scroll through and find the letters T, I and M when he was setting up his username) alcohol strolls in and nonchalantly throws a wrench in my plans.

Long story short, I'm thinking the cops might be onto something. Don't drink and drive; hugs not drugs; click it or ticket; etc. I love it when my blog posts have a moral.

*I don't drink beer because beer is for men and/or girls who are cooler than me. I drink Woodchuck, which might easily be mistaken for beer but is actually just hard cider because I'm a sissy.

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