Thursday, July 21, 2011

Everything I Own in a Box to the Left

Things I found out while packing up my house:

1. I own exactly one bottle of nail polish. It is black, and I think that is funny.

2. Apparently at one point I used to draw things in a large sketchbook, and once I drew a tree that did not look half bad. Do I have a picture to show you? OF COURSE NOT!

3. SOMEbody (Bravo) ate the foam handles off all my exercise bands, but SOMEbody (me) didn't notice until now because SOMEbody (still me) works out never.

4. I have about ten thousand bobby pins. On an unrelated note, finding ten thousand bobby pins with hair in them apparently makes me gag, even though the hair in question is undoubtedly mine.

5. If you pack up every single thing in your bathroom, your husband is probably going to want to shave his head the next morning, and you will probably have no idea where you put his clippers.

6. You want farfalle pasta? 'CAUSE WE GOT FARFALLE PASTA. Like ten boxes of it, for some reason.

7. Somewhere along the way we lost our food processor. I know it once existed because we still have the circular blade plate that you use to grate cheese. If you think you might have it, we'd like it back so we can grate some Parmesan to put on the pasta we'll be eating for the rest of our lives.

8. Gary unearthed these awesomely bad place mats I'd forgotten I bought before we got married. They were purple, magenta and maybe it really is for the best that we were too poor to pursue my misguided vision for decorating.

9. I have no idea how to pack dishes, but if they're all broken when we get to the new house...I didn't do it.

10. The point at which Gary starts to lose his cool is somewhere around the seventh consecutive time through the new Adele CD.

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Tina said...

I ALSO have about ten thousand bobby pins... mostly with someone's hair in them, not mine.