Thursday, August 25, 2011

Curtain Call

I was talking to Sarah over the weekend about how I was afraid people might be getting annoyed that I'm posting so much craft-type stuff and not enough funny stuff. Then she kindly reminded me that this is my blog and I CAN DO WHATEVER I WANT. Which brings me to today's post: pictures of all the fabric I got to make curtains.  

This first one will cover the window in the back door so I can safely walk to the dryer in my underwear. (The dryer is the only place I ever have clean clothes because I do laundry only when absolutely necessary. Things like closets and dressers are for people who plan ahead.)

This one's my favorite. It's going up in the living room to cover up the ugly mini-blinds and also to make me happy.

This one is also for the living room but not as curtains. I'm in the process of lining the back of a bookshelf* with it and I think I will also use it to cover a couple of throw pillows.

And finally, this one is for the master bedroom. What's that? You say it looks like I just reduced the hue and upped the contrast of a picture of the first fabric??? CAUGHT ME! That's exactly what I did, because since I needed a whopping 8 yards of this one, the nice lady at Hancock's had to order some for me so I don't actually have it yet. But this is what it looks like. I realized at the last second that I was using the same pattern twice, just in two different colors, but in the end I decided to do whatever I want as usual.  

*I inherited the bookshelf from the Miller twins...which brings me to the real reason I help people move so much: the hope that in an effort to simplify the moving process, they will give me a large piece of furniture for free. 60% of the time, it works every time.

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