Friday, August 26, 2011

You Know What This Day Needs?

A nice kick in the pants.

We used to have this lighter that looked like a pig and shot flames out its nose, and whenever we lit it we would say, "PIG FROM HELLLLLLLLLLL" and then laugh for an hour.

It looked something like this:

So now whenever I'm having a really bad day I like to say to myself, "DAY FROM HELLLLLL" in the same gravelly voice and it makes me laugh at least for a second...until I remember I'm having the day from hell.

Anyway, to make up for my complaining I'm going to share the recipe for the AWESOME potato soup I made last night. I had it for lunch today and it helped my spirits almost as much as the sweet, sweet memory of the firepig, so just imagine what it could do for you on a good day!

Ham and Potato Soup


E Bailey said...

hmmmm - i could hear you saying 'pig from hell' before you even describe dthe voice you said it in. i cant also see you showing your teeth and widening your eyes when saying it. you are totally creepy.

eric said...

Hey, I've made that soup before.

That is all.