Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Saturday night we had a BBQ for Gary's birthday, because Gary's favorite way to celebrate is to eat meat until he throws up.

So anyway Saturday morning at about 10, we're sitting at the kitchen table eating breakfast, and Gary says to Sarah and me, "Man, you know what would be great? If we had a picnic table so we could all eat outside tonight."

And then he built a picnic table and we all ate outside.


Just kidding! It's not the end, because here are some pictures of the table! I'd like to remind you that the idea went from conception to completion in less than ten hours. By my husband.

First up is a shot of the table with the headless carpenter in the background. That little white thing at the bottom is Bravo's tail because he is attention starved and feels the need to photobomb every picture I take.

And here we have a shot from the other side, featuring the Ghost of Sarahs Past.

We comfortably fit ten people at the table, but I don't have a picture of that because I couldn't manage to get a picture where somebody* didn't have BBQ sauce all over their face.

*That somebody was Brit.


At the request of his wife, here's a picture of Brit with saucy face and Mike doing Lord only knows what.


E Bailey said...

sometimes, i am jealous of your life. i dare not even imagine what would happen if my husband tried to build a table. maybe like, uh, like, maybe like a website about tables. yeah. website.

Emily said...

Whatever, your husband would probably build some awesome robot table that could devour our defenseless wooden one.