Wednesday, May 16, 2012


A couple weeks ago, I started watching Revenge, a new show on ABC with something of a Count of Monte Cristo-esque plotline. I really like it, but I started to notice that after I watched a couple episodes, I'd be in a really suspicious, angry mood. I've kind of always been this way. I get way too wrapped up in movies and books. (Perhaps this would be a good time to apologize to anyone who tried to talk to me at all while I was reading the Hunger Games trilogy. I really didn't mean to stab you.)

Anyway, I think I've finally found a solution to my problem. I've started chasing each episode I watch of Revenge with an episode of 30 Rock.

Maybe now instead of my face getting stuck like this:

It'll get stuck like this:


Daniel said...

Well, that's just plain brilliant. I plan on reading Blood Meridian soon. I'll remember to chase it with something like The Giving Tree or perhaps Me Talk Pretty One Day. Good idea!

Billi said...

That Daniel was me impostering as Daniel because he didn't sign out on my computer. He would never read The Giving Tree.