Friday, May 11, 2012


Greetings! This post is coming to you from my new iPhone! Sure, typing an entire blog post on a four inch screen is ridiculously inefficient (especially since I am literally sitting AT A COMPUTER) but I'm doing it anyway BECAUSE I CAN.

Some of you might have seen the Facebook post I put up yesterday asking if I should go with the iPhone 4 or the 4S. (You should try this if you're curious about which of your Facebook friends are the biggest nerds.) Most people suggested I wait for the 5 to come out, which, I feel the need to point out, was not one of the options. Perhaps we could all use a little brushing up on our reading comprehension. In the immortal words of my high school algebra teacher, Mrs. Milhoan, "If I ask you, 'What is your name?' do not answer, 'I have a dog.'"

Anyway it doesn't really matter because in the end, I ignored everyone's advice and went with the 3GS because IT ONLY COST ME A DOLLAR.

Moral of the story? No matter how much money we make, I will always be a cheapskate at heart.

Secondary moral: I apparently have no problem calling people who help me nerds. I promise I mean it in the best way possible.

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Charise T. said...

Nice throwback to Mrs. Milhoan! lol