Wednesday, July 25, 2012


My cousin Michelle has been visiting for the past few days. She, Sarah and I spent a large part of our time together reminiscing about our childhood - putting on Spice Girls concerts for our aunt and uncle; playing video games all day long because it was too hot to go outside; and that one time we were playing Cranium and Michelle's brother Eric tried to do a Risky Business-style slide across our kitchen and ended up flat on his face, covered in the pile of cat puke he had slipped in.

The subject of falling down led us to one of my favorite memories of Sarah's teen years. She was jumping around the upstairs of our parents' house singing the Cha Cha Slide at the top of her lungs when she misstepped and fell to the ground. I was listening to music in the next room so I didn't hear the crash, but after a few minutes I started to wonder where she'd gone. She eventually emerged with her head hung low and her bottom lip sticking out, weakly singing, "Two hops...two hops..."

I can't decide which thing I find funnier: the story itself or the fact that there was once a time when Sarah had nothing better to do with her evening than jump around our parents' house singing the Cha Cha Slide.

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